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About Catherine

Professional Commentary:
Please visit my resume page for a snapshot of my career and MBA education. I am an energetic, relationship-oriented professional with over 10 years of project consulting, program administration and management experience. I am driven by a passion for global change through market-based solutions that catalyze social and economic development.

My philosophical approach to work rests on the understanding that in order for measurable change to take place towards resolving global issues such as
the risks of poverty including rising income disparities and unemployment, health care access, water scarcity, natural resource management and environmental degradation, we must understand a region’s context where we want to support change. That means intimately understanding economic, political and cultural dynamics as a precursor to development initiatives.  Too often donor countries and organizations work to supplant existing systems with ‘models’ that have proven successful elsewhere. But change rests in the hands of people, not models.

While my formal MBA education focused on the creation of social enterprises, my international field experience has further advanced my understanding of the vital importance of understanding entrepreneurship at-large in diverse settings.  I have not only witnessed, but experienced the interplay of culture and business in shaping the value of entrepreneurship in different countries at different stages of social and economic 'development'.

I am seeking consulting arrangements or employment with international development firms, change-minded corporations or in an economic development-centered non-profit organization that focus on understanding people first followed by appropriate activities towards impact, second.   Various project and program experiences include innovation and micro-finance initiatives in the Middle East,  guiding a woman-owned start-up  in Uganda, program work on cookstoves and water filters in Ghana, and conducting market research for social enterprises in Kenya and India. These experiences are enhanced by my human resource background and management of domestic community-based projects, which in total lends a diversified skill set that may be applied in many cross-cultural contexts. 

Personal Commentary:
I believe in living and working passionately; I believe in the potential of every person and in the beauty of change, it's challenges and rewards. My expectations for a full life are high and I seek to fulfill them with integrity and intent every step of the way.

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